Concord Fellowship of Churches International

Credentialing (License and Ordinations)

Elder Amelia Reaves, Chair      

Eler Darrin Turley, Vice-Chair

Pastor Glen Harris, Arkansas        Pastor Tony Majors, Kansas               

Elder Phyllis Hatton, Texas           Elder Lunell Taylor, Texas

                      Pastor J. L. Mosley, Arkansas


CFCI recognizes the importance of men and women accepting the “call to ministry”.  In recognizing the serious nature of a person’s call to ministry, CFCI has a system of credentialing which identifies men and women as persons who have demonstrated biblical characteristics of the uniqueness of God’s “call”, and a system which acknowledges that our organization grants full support to those who maintain both biblical and organizational standards of which a credentialed individual should display. 

Credentialing is the process by which we:

  • recognize and affirm/confirm that an individual has been called by God to the Christian ministry
  • acknowledge that an individual has gone through a period of discernment and training related to this call
  • authorize or support individuals in taking on the office of ministry in any Christian organization

Levels of Credentialing

CFCI will establish and recognize five levels of credentialing which are:

      ·         Unlicensed Minister

·         Licensed Minister

·         Ordained Deacon

·         Ordained Elder

·         Bishop


Education Department

Elder Darrin Turley, Chair


The Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies which facilitate the spiritual growth and discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.  It uses methods for building effective leadership teams; programs that lead to effective church planting and growth; theories for equipping ministry leaders to preach, teach, provide biblical counsel, and mentor the people whom they lead.


Education efforts are divided into target groups according to needs and interests.   Some examples of topics are (but not limited to):


n  Individual Level - Pastors, Elders, Ministers, Ministry Leaders, Lay Members

·         Preaching Technique, Styles, Methods, etc.

·         Teaching:  Principles of Pedagogy and Andragogy; Strategies and Approaches

·         Biblical Counseling

·         Effective Leadership and Team Building

·         Legal Considerations in Churches

·         Church Planting and Growth

·         Church Conflict Management

·         Leading Worship

·         Old and New Testament


n  Organizational Level

·         Worship

·         Planning, Organizing, and Establishing a Church

·         Church Legal Documents (EIN; 501 c; Articles of Inc.; By-laws; Constitution)

·         Policy Letters

·         Risk Management/Safety Issues

·         Financial Administration

·         Missions and Evangelism





Youth Ministries

Ms. Brenda Sneed, Director


Music Department

Mr. Paul Cockfield, Minister of Music



Elder Thomas Reaves - Adjutant General

Adjutants are men and women who are servants in God’s house.  The word adjutant which comes from the Latin word "adjustare" meaning to aid or assist, is defined as a military officer who is an administrative assistant to a commander, an aide, a helping hand; in other words, they are people who are servant ministers.   These servants are also known as armor-bearers.  The Adjutant Ministry is a service ministry of the church.  Only those who have the mindset of a servant can serve effectively in this ministry. They must have a servant’s heart and a serving spirit.

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